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Who are we as a company?

We are a manufacturing facility with in-house brands & services.

Specializing in Color Expertise, Innovative Personal Care & Cosmetics

Whether you're experienced with retail products and already know what you want or you crave a direct relationship with a manufacturer or perhaps you've never experienced the unique journey of bringing a product to market, we're here to help. We have a core of passion and are very devoted to this industry. Some have even called us a hidden gem.

We also offer retail products through our in-house brands below, if you're just visiting, as a consumer, to shop.

Our mission in this industry, is to constantly remain dynamic, colorful, innovative, delivering results and being top class solution providers to those we collaborate with and create for. We wear all these incredible products, so we speak a language that you can understand. With our international locations, brands can connect with us quite easily. We have serviced clients globally (Middle East, Africa, Australia, Japan, Europe to name a few) & continue welcoming the international community.

While we have been known to specialize in colored cosmetic applications, since our inception, we also offer personal care products (skincare, hair products, nail color or cosmetic products for professional use), as these items fall under the cosmetic arena, in the United States.

  • Experienced with International Commerce
  • Well-versed with International Regulatory Compliance
  • Products designed for our ever changing world.
  • 100% Woman-Owned & Founded
  • Competitively Priced Custom Projects
  • Wholesale Retail Ready Products
  • White Label or Private Label
  • Pilot Productions & Flexible MOQ on Some Items

Our Services

Color Expertise

Cross category color work including but not limited to, diverse color matching, oxidized hair color creation/ matching including technical shades. Anything with cosmetic color in it (face, nails, body, hair). We also have experience for specialty cosmetics for the movie industry.

Research and/or Development

Our R&D is a vast category as so much goes into projects. It is the heart of innovation. Our Art Department also is part of this sphere. Reach out to a team member for specific requests.

Reformulaton or Deformulation

Rebooting life into a dated product formulation that you may already own or reverse engineering.


Offered to non-compete facilities or brands/companies directly. Topics can range from your next line extension item to specific help with a color collaboration.


Solids, liquids, gels, hybrid textures, creams, powders, pressed or unique cosmetic applications. Requests range from skincare, hair color or haircare solutions to makeup or perfume. We also get many professional cosmetic requests and manufacture some specialty cosmetic materials.

Product Education

For professionally used cosmetic products, our behind the table/chair experience allows us to help you structure the appropriate packages. Product demonstrations are virtual until further notice, however.

Product Placement

For those wanting to explore the world of professional product placement for Film/TV, reach out to a team member for more information.

VIP Requests

Not limited to corporate or entertainment industry gifting suites or events, we offer bespoke solutions that are catered to your special project's needs.

Why Us?

We are the best fit for a company, brand or consumer who values integrity, sincerity, diversity, transparency and quality.

  • 1 Multicultural Innovative Solutions for This Era

    We offer innovative solutions with today's ever changing world in mind. We have serviced clients from diverse backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, races, genders and all skin types.

  • We do not test on animals and the reputable suppliers we work with do not test on animals.

  • Ingredient selection undergoes strict internal compliance. High quality is important to us. Our company continuously updates its education and/or knowledge base to better service your needs in this dynamic industry.


While client-branded projects are kept private, we hope you enjoy some of our latest products from Our White Tea & Black Rose, Clean Beauty Collection.

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Creme Lotion

Natural Aromatics

Eye Serum

Must Haves

Specialty Serum

All Skin Types

Sustainably Sourced Ingredients


Clean Beauty

Media Relations

A Place for our Posts, News & Media Coverage


In this section you will find links to articles, posts that we've written about, print media or press releases. Click one of the items below to explore that content.  Our audio-visual posts will be periodically listed here. Subscribe to our newsletter or join us on social media to have our latest updates.

The level of professionalism, insight and quality has been incredible with every project. This is my go-to place for R&D Services and event product solutions.

R. Miller


The attention to detail is amazing & I learned so much with my project. They really helped me broaden my target market.  They always make me feel like I'm part of my product's journey, part of their family.

R. Thompson

Brand Owner

My clients adore these products. The quality is unsurpassed. A company that goes above and beyond & Nancy is so down-to-earth. She truly 'gets' the business side of products, which makes it so much easier, knowing she speaks a language that I can understand.

M. Lewis

Franchise Owner

Compassionate. Accommodating. Wonderful Communication & Exceptional Quality. Not many companies give you access to who formulates and designs products. Usually, you deal with a sales person. Not here. I'm so grateful I chose to expand with this company.

C. Dubois

Medical Esthetician & Salon Owner

Love the diverse product library & the ability for rapid product development cycles. They can communicate with marketers or sales professionals and 'get' our needs. Great job.

B. Vleeshouvers

Senior Purchaser

Meet Our Founder & In-House Brands


In-House Brand

This is one of our newest brands. The pre-launch or soft launch has been in commerce for some time now. Yet, our official launch will be in late September. This brand features a different kind of clean beauty, with incredible cosmetic actives, along with a love for antioxidants like White Tea and the ever prestigious Black Rose. It also combines luxurious naturals and has an axis on green beauty.

Our ever changing world was one of the inspirations behind this line. The other you can read more about it here.

Follow us on Instagram for our latest updates.

Nancy Gagnon


Nancy has been involved, internationally, with some aspect of manufacturing and product design since the early 2000s. She has worked with some of the most seasoned minds in the industry and is well regarded for her talents. Communication is always important for her. Therefore, she has the ability to translate complex technical concepts into Laymen's Terms and is extremely communicative and adaptive (catered to her audience).

She decided to open her own facility, which opened its doors in September 2015, to be part of the change that she wanted to see in the beauty industry, to have greater creative freedom and to allow patrons to have privacy, which is important to VIPs.

"I named my company based on what fuels my innovative spirit and creativity: my passions, which in turn, are also the passions that so many of us have, when it comes to what beauty is to us & this industry.

My creativity and the ability to engineer products and solutions around this, is one of the reasons that I am unique. While this industry is highly competitive, there will always be room for those of us who are diverse and beautifully different." You can learn more about her on her social media.

Nancy's Passions

In-House Brand

Our last Collection 13, integrated cosmetic candles and unique colored cosmetics. The line is available for wholesale retailers only at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Locations

To better serve North America, we currently have two locations.  Our first, is a Southern California manufacturing facility in the South Coast Area. Our second, is located in the Capital of Canada, a Crown Company. We have the capabilities to do pilot services to full-scale productions, operating with gMP Compliance. Our TTB permit allows us an annual withdrawal of 150,000 gallons for those who are curious if we can handle your perfume order.  The retail aspect that we offer is online only.  We are not open to the public.  Beauty professionals wanting demonstrations, please contact us for appointments.

Contact Us - Appointments

Please email directly hello@designerbeautylab.com as our site is under routine maintenance until March 15th.

Corporate Locations:

2446 Suite 707
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1V1A4


3420 W. Macarthur Blvd

Santa Ana, California

USA 92704

Call within North America:

+1 888.388.1788

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